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    The basis of a good job in any industry or office is certification for qualification which denotes mastery in a specific knowledge area. Such certification can make an individual stand out from the competition and hold one at a distinct advantage.

    Eduwizards.com, the leaders in online education and assessment services, is set to play a key role in the Professional & Certification courses space by launching a slew of online courses covering a wide spectrum of traditional and emerging domains of learning and applied skills. Through these online courses, we aim to create industry hallmarks in areas like enrichment of knowledge and skills sharpening.

    Eduwizards.com aims to provide a suite of professional and certification courses that can address the unique learning needs of working professionals. We have tutors for professional courses in diverse subjects like MS Excel, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), 3D+ Animation, Microsoft Sharepoint, WordPress Essential, Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Social Media Marketing, Python, etc. that shall prepare professionals to achieve their certification goals. Eduwizards also offers Microsoft certification courses like MCTS, MCSE, MICTP, MCSA and MCPD; also, CISCO certification courses like CCIE, CCNA, CCNP and CCVP can be availed in the online format at Eduwizards. Besides these, professionals can opt for Security Training Certification courses, Sun System certification courses and a diverse variety of Finance Certification courses. In addition we have the capability of finding suitable tutor for any niche subject or any specific requirement. All tutoring provided is one-on-one basis and student gets full attention from the tutor. Furthermore, tutor can customize his/her way of tutoring to suit student’s requirement.

    Eduwizards.com recruits top experts in their respective fields as instructors for their professional and certification courses. These expert tutors deliver carefully structured online tutorials that incorporate the best practices in secure online learning and training that include online tests, audio-video content and video tutorials to ensure a well-rounded learning experience. Our online courses harness the best in internet resources and feature the right mix of lecture notes and course assignments delivered through message boards, chat rooms and multimedia technologies like white boards and VOIP. In the event that some courses require text books or other reading material, they can be easily ordered online. To ensure that students have learnt what is taught, submission of assignments and projects to instructors, through our website is necessary in most cases. Certification is only awarded after appearing for a final examination at an approved offline site.

    In the past, learning was a relatively simpler affair when we just studied what was taught in school and college, got jobs on the basis of that education and eventually retired to a life of quiet existence. But with the advent of modern day learning aids and the impact of galloping technological advances, learning is something that is happening continuously outside our classrooms that encompasses all facets of our existence. In this rapidly changing world, we have to learn new skills every day and year just to stay relevant in our current jobs. What is even more important is that we need to upgrade those skills continuously to climb up the professional ladder successfully.

    In such a competitive scenario, Professional and Certification courses offered by Eduwizards can go a long way in meeting the needs of modern-day professionals.

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