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    The study of Chinese as a foreign or second language by non-native speakers has grown exponentially in recent times. Reasons for this rapid increase in Chinese learners are not difficult to trace. The world is changing – globalization, outsourcing and free trade have been the drivers for international growth in trade and commerce and China with its huge and rapidly growing economy, solid commercial balance and mammoth manpower resources has emerged as the front-runner in this new world. More than 1.3 billion people worldwide are Chinese speakers, so by learning Chinese one can communicate with more people than ever before.

    Whether you want to learn Chinese to boost your career prospects or simply to broaden your personal horizons, choosing the right online Chinese tutoring website can be an important step. Learning Chinese with Eduwizards online Chinese tutors is the right choice for a variety of important reasons –tutoring sessions are held one-on-one with native Chinese speakers, the right Chinese learning tools are used for effective teaching, separate packages are on offer for beginners and advanced learners, all fairly and competitively priced offering attractive choices.

    Chinese lessons with Eduwizards online experts use a progressive approach where every new phrase introduced builds upon the vocabulary already covered. Students can start with the first lesson for absolute beginners and gradually work their way up through successive lessons of increasing complexity. Each lesson will continue where the previous one left off. Such a teaching methodology continually reinforces a student’s knowledge of the Chinese language and greatly accelerates memorization. The vocabulary chosen to be taught during the lessons is carefully picked to ensure that even though most of it will suffice to meet casual travel needs, the lessons are presented in a manner that will simultaneously give a strong foundation for advanced conversational skills.

    Chinese lessons with Eduwizards online tutors will give students a definite edge since later lessons reuse vocabulary and characters from earlier chapters, forcing students to review what was taught earlier. In case the going gets tough, students just have to review the earlier lessons to get back on track. Eduwizards online Chinese tutors are highly skilled instructors and after each lesson, a variety of exercises are provided to make sure that students have understood the lesson thoroughly.

    Our tutors understand that Chinese is a tonal language that requires a lot of listening practice that cannot come from books alone. Lessons are focused around listening comprehension and new concepts or words are taught in such a way that you will hear it used in different situations and contexts so that the brain automatically registers the usage patterns. We feel this is the most effective way to learn the Chinese language.

    Give Eduwizards online Chinese tutoring a try and you will see for yourself why our Chinese lessons are more effective than anything you may have tried elsewhere!

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