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    Note: You are welcome to work for other companies while also working for EduwizardS. We care about the quality of the work you do as an EduwizardS expert, and do not place any restrictions on your professional life. We provide services to individual students (online tutoring and assignment help) and institutions (content solutions and mass tutoring).

    We offer the following to a student seeking support at EduwizardS:

    a. Scheduled online tutoring
    b. Assignment help
    c. Instant Tutoring via our download-able Instant Tutoring software.

    a. Scheduled sessions is where student books a session with a tutor for a future time. Student and tutor log in at that time and meet via our virtual classroom.

    b. For Assignment Help students can directly contact tutors by email or fill out their needs on “Assignment Help” page, and we forward the information to the appropriate tutors.

    c. All approved tutors can logon to the Instant Tutoring software and be available live to our student visitors. As a tutor you can turn the software on and take Instant Sessions for the price you quote. When you do not want to be visible to students you can turn the software off.

    If you become an Option 1 Tutor (Salary by shift hours) or Option 2 Tutor (Flexible Hours), then you can also take sessions at fixed hourly salary for our Demo & Unlimited Tutoring students, whenever you are free and visible on the software. This allows for no hourly commitments (unless you want to choose hourly commitments) -- tutor when you can. See details below for Option 1 Tutor (Salary by shift hours) or Option 2 Tutor (Flexible Hours).

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    EduwizardS team of the world?s top online test prep tutors, ranked and reviewed by students, are the best resource for all your online test preparation needs.