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  • Unlimited Tutoring for $99
    • 24/7 Online one-on-one tutoring by the world's top tutors, ranked and reviewed by students.
    • Absolutely Free and no strings trial sessions
      with tutor(s) of your choice.
    • Premium & Easy to Use Whiteboard and Voice online tutoring technology. View Demo
    • All Levels & Subjects
      Eduwizards Online Tutoring includes voice chat (along with whiteboard and text-chat). We find voice essential for the same simple reason that voice is important in face-to-face tutoring in the brick-and-mortar world. Online tutoring without the voice option is a hindrance to both student and tutor.
      Recent Actual Student Reviews Regarding Advantage of Including Voice
      "The advantage to students is that they can immediate feedback through voice ... is better to ask a question than type it. Excellent addition compared to other online learning platforms." - Latricia, USA
      "Voice tutoring is much better than [competitor name deleted] and those other sites that are supposed to give help with homework." - Angela, USA
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    EduWizardS Online Tutoring

    Our philosophy is that all tutors are not equal. We aim to openly identify the world's best online tutors and have them constantly prove their excellence by getting top reviews from students.

    At our website you select the tutor you want!
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    Free Tutoring for SES/NCLB-eligible students in California, Iowa, Wyoming and Pennsylvania!
    If your child is SES/NCLB eligible student in California, Iowa, Wyoming or Pennsylvania please get in touch with one of our coordinators immediately. We provide FREE online tutoring to such students. All equipment and services required for the online tutoring will be provided by Eduwizards. Listed below are the contact details for our online tutoring coordinators.

    ¡Tutoría gratuita para estudiantes eligibles para SES/NCLB en Iowa, California, Pennsylvania y Wyoming!
    Si su hijo/a es un(a) estudiante elegible para SES/NCLB en California, Iowa, Wyoming o Pennsylvania, favor de llamar a uno de nuestros coordinadores hoy mismo. Ofrecemos tutoría gratuita por el Internet para todo de nuestros estudiantes. Les proveemos a ustedes (sin cobrar) la máquina y la conexión que son necesarias para la tutoría. Bajo son los números de contacto para nuestros coordinadores hispanohablantes.
    Eduwizards Unlimited Tutoring Package is available for certain subjects. Click here for details.
    Eduwizards Online Tutoring is One-on-one and ALWAYS includes voice chat (along with whiteboard and text-chat). We believe that online tutoring without the voice option is a hindrance to both student and tutor, and is a waste of student’s time. The non-voice handicap makes the session go twice as long as it would with voice.
    Tutors for many subjects are Live Online Now and available for Instant On-Demand Tutoring. Click here to view the list of subjects. Alternatively, do Tutor Search (on top right) for your subject to see tutors available Live Online for Instant On Demand Tutoring. (You, of course, also have the option to Schedule a session for a later time with a tutor who is not Live Online at the moment).
    Please do Tutor Search (on top right) for your Test Prep subject or you can just click on below popular tests:
    SAT-Math, SAT-Reading, SAT- Writing
    GMAT-Verbal, GMAT-Math
    GRE-Math, GRE-Verbal
    Note: We are rapidly adding more Top Scorer tutors.
    "Grade Improvement Guarantee Option" (to accompany Monthly Unlimited Tutoring Package). If your grade does not improve you get your money back. Click here for details.

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